Auser Nazionale

Auser Nazionale ONLUS is the association dedicated to the active ageing of the elder people all over Italy. It fights for the social inclusion of this category. The association choose us to sensitize the public opinion on the fragile topic of the social fragility explained through their new video campaign.




Post Production

Institutional video

Through a careful activity of storytelling held by our experts, we arranged the contents together with the needs of the client and thanks to images realized by our senior operators we’ve created an emotional video that touches everybody’s soul. The voice over, carefully chosen for its warm tone, help to involve the audience and to reflect.

TV Commercial

In the meantime, Auser Nazionale, asked us to realize a shorter version of the video, to allow its broadcast in the main TV channels. For this reason we’ve realized an edit that lasts 30” to sum up in few seconds the same emotions of the longer one.

Post production

Together with the editing activity, we have realized a careful activity of graphic cancellation of the logos on the rugby players uniform, they couldn’t not be visible on TV. For this reason our experts in the field, thanks to the most innovative technologies, frame after frames, reached the goal.