Wine Framers

Videos for Wineries

Realizziamo video per cantine in base ad ogni tipo di esigenza, mostrando attraverso l’occhio della telecamera la tua storia.

Winter Experience

Emotional images to talk about the philosophy and the mission of the winery. The first step of the project dedicated to the 3 corporate videos.

Spring colors

The attention turns to the product and on the first raw to certify its quality. The main character of this video is the vineyard and the first buds that hide the grapes, producers of the wine.


The last video enclose the most important moment of the year: the grape harvest. The moment when the summer ends and the grapes become wine.

Videos for the social networks

For their social communication we thought about mini video recipes paired with the wines. They are promotional video product-centered: short, involving and provided of useful infographics.