Distilleria Nardini Adunata Alpini

Reportage of big events

Since 2017 we realize the official video-reportage for Adunata Nazionale Alpini. The final result is more than a simple reportage, but a full picture of an historical event that talks about cities which organize this event for months.


The inspection of the location is fundamental to fully comprehend the spaces and be perfectly organized during the shooting.


During the event, the shooting becomes a unique moment: between a "Good first take" and organized scenes according to the storyboard. The scenes filmed are ready for a first selection.


Before going to the location we use to organize a meeting or a call with the client, to listen carefully to its needs to be able to translate them into images.


The choice of the music, the sequence of the images, the useful contents, the special effects. Nothing is left to chance, everything is shaped as a statue.

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Milano 2020

Trento 2018

Treviso 2017